A hero coach gives you a dramatically different perspective on the people you know, your challenges, and yourself. You will gain insights to

  • Face adversity
  • Think and act strategically
  • Strengthen key relationships
  • Expand your influence
  • Manage crises and stress

Hero coaching will change your outlook and actions in every aspect of your leadership and your life.

But it isn’t for everyone.

As your coach we will support you and help you build whatever confidence you need to perform at your best. However, we will also call you out when you are becoming trapped in your own stories. We will challenge you and push you to see other people, the world, and even yourself in a new light.

Sometimes these challenges are welcomed. Sometimes they are tough to hear. Hero coaching is only for those who are more than willing. Rather, they are eager for the challenge to push themselves to think and act differently and to be held accountable for extraordinary results.

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Here’s what just a few of our clients say about our coaching.

"My coaching session with you yesterday was one of the best and most valuable hours I’ve spent in the last several years of my life."
~ Steve Reed, Project Manager, Embarq

"Engaging Noah as a personal coach is one of the best decisions I have made for myself. Noah set me up for repeated success. He is an exceptional coach."
~ Tammy Winnie, Director of Global Organization Effectiveness, Kellogg Corporation

"Noah has been an invaluable resource in making me a more effective, inspirational leader and manager. By helping me see myself from a different perspective, and by providing me with the tools and the roadmap to change, Noah has had a profound impact on me professionally and personally."
~ Matt Brooks, Executive Director, RJC

"Outside of my father and grandfather, Noah has without a doubt been the most influential person for change in my life. He has enabled me to consistently manage my team, exceed customer expectations, and communicate in a more effective manner."
~ Tim Hobbs, Senior Manager, Accenture

Contact us today to learn how hero coaching can transform you and your organization.