No one is free of challenges. Work and life events stress us out, people treat us unfairly, and we sometimes feel powerless. Life is uncertain, and change is constant. Sometimes it is easy to play the part of the victim.

Yet some people are at their best even in the toughest times. No matter the stress or challenge, they are positive, energized and taking productive action. Anyone can become that person. When these people face difficult problems, they still perform at their best. They are the everyday heroes.

There is a proven technique to improve your ability to respond to adversity, work more effectively and build stronger, more productive teams. In his entertaining, inspiring, and highly interactive session Noah Blumenthal provides concrete tools and techniques that you can implement immediately to overcome challenges and shape your success in work and in life. It’s your choice. Wouldn’t you like to Be The Hero?

Some key outcomes that participants will experience include:

  • Responding positively to change and adversity
  • Managing stress effectively
  • Improving communication and breaking down silos
  • Developing a solution orientation to everyday problems
  • Increasing creativity around problem solving
  • Building stronger, more productive teams
  • Experiencing greater happiness and success in work and life

Here’s what one participant recently emailed to us after attending a hero workshop:

"I have been carrying the Hero business card with me, reading what a Hero would do in tough situations quite often. It has been tremendous. I have been able to navigate conflict and team building really well with the Hero's state of mind. Thank you for your guidance and inspiration."

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Read The Reviews

Here are a few samples of the rave reviews Noah consistently receives from his keynotes and workshops.

"I was thrilled by the receptivity of the audience to your stories and exercises. People were energized, laughing and learning all at the same time. Thank you for helping make our conference a huge success."
~ Kent Keith, CEO, Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership
"Noah got top marks! He ranked in the top tier of all prior speakers. He was engaging and entertaining. Several members told me that they took away actionable strategies that they planned to put to use in both their work and personal lives when they got home."
~ Mona Buckley, CEO, Professional Insurance Marketing Association
"Noah made the audience wake-up and take notice. He got participants thinking about themselves and their businesses in completely new ways, all while entertaining us and making us laugh. I would highly recommend Noah’s presentation for anyone!"
~ David Ringler, Business Consultant, John Hancock
"Attending Noah's session was a personally eye opening experience. I learned practical steps I can take to help me reach my personal and professional goals."
~ Rebekah Krone, People and Leadership Development, Southwest Airlines
"Thank you so much for presenting at our meeting. I have heard from so many people today saying what a great meeting it was and how they enjoyed your presentation. You inspired and entertained us and gave us “aha” moments as well. It was perfect! Thanks again for creating a fabulous evening for growth."
~ Lynn Engholm, President, Long Island ICF

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